Alternative Future History Part 4

2/28/12 CNN
Romney loses his birth state Michigan to Santorum

In a not entirely unpredicted occurrence, Santorum has managed to squeak out a slim victory in Michigan. Romney’s problems were apparent when his speeches seemed to pander to the Michigan voters, trying to get them to forget that he had said that the auto companies should have been left to go bankrupt. Romney said, in a speech held late tonight, that “the margin of victory was actually a favorable result for us. We managed to re-capture the base conservative vote.”

Meanwhile, in Arizona, Romney managed an equally slim victory over Santorum withPaul and Gingrich a distant third and fourth…


Excerpt from Morning Joe on MSNBC

Mika: With Rick Santorum’s win in Michigan, Republicans and Democrats alike are beginning to wonder if the future of the Republican Presidential nomination is as solid as everyone thought.

Joe: Look Mika, it’s clear that Santorum is reaching the base of the Republican Party. Michigan is where Romney was born and raised, and he can’t win there? The rumors of a brokered convention are looking to be more than just wild speculations at this point, aren’t they Michael Steele?

Steele: As I said before on this show, the possibility of Santorum winning Michigan would mean a complete reset of the race. And here we are; that reset is a reality.

Joe: So we may be facing a brokered convention after all.

3/3/12 (Seattle Times)

Santorum takes Washington

3/5/12 (Washington Post)

Netanyahu meets with President Obama in D.C.

In a joint speech President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared somewhat united in their concerns about Iran gaining nuclear weapons capability. President Obama stressed that the sanctions against Iran were working, while Netanyahu stressed that if Iran gains nuclear capability they will not be just a threat to Israel, “but a direct threat to all free societies in the world.”


Excerpt from Morning Joe

Joe: All I can say about Super Tuesday is WOW! This is just a mish-mosh of results. Santorum takes Alaska and Ohio, Gingrich in Georgia by a hair, but he’s not even on the ballot in his home state of Virginia. Romney ekes out a win in Massachusetts. The only real solid decision here is that Ron Paul is virtually nowhere to be seen in any of the states.


Washington, D.C.
In a room at the Family’s boarding house on K Street, a representative of the Santorum campaign meets with a representative of the Gingrich campaign.

Santorum rep: John, we need to talk about the future.

Gingrich rep: Mark, we are always ready to talk about the future of this great country.

Mark: Rick wants to know what we need to give you to have Newt drop out. We think that this will all go much smoother with two
clear choices.

John: We want what we have always wanted. We want the United States to return to the glory we’ve had before.

Mark: Cut the crap John; just tell me what you want.

John: Veep would be nice…

Mark: You know that we can’t do that. We’ve got the base nailed, but we need to reach out to Latinos and the middle.

John: So you’re thinking Marco?

Mark: I can’t confirm or deny it; you know that.

John: So what us it you’re offering?

Mark: We’re thinking State…

John: That could work.

Mark: So, we have a deal?

John: Let me get back to Newt on it. If you hear the announcement…

Mark: What about the Adelson money?

John: It would look bad if he just jumped from Newt to you. I think we can get him to wait until after the convention.

Mark: That works for us. Good talking to you again. How’s the family?

4/23/12 (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Newt Gingrich announces withdrawal from race

…In a related story, Sheldon Adelson says that he will wait until after the Republican National Convention to announce who he will back. “At this point, it is a little late in the game. When we have the candidate who will face Obama, we will throw our weight behind them.”

6/18/12 (NYT)

Ron Paul announces his independent candidacy


Excerpt from TYT on Current TV

Cenk Uygur: Tonight’s Power Panel is on the electability of Ron Paul by progressive voters.  We’ve discussed this before on The Young Turks, but then he was seeking the Republican nomination. So, now that he’s running as an independent, does that make a difference? Of course!

Michael Shure: I doubt that many progressives would vote for him, but the stand he takes on foreign policy does have a certain appeal to many disenchanted voters who want to see the US take the money they’re spending on foreign policy and put it back into the economy. And his position on drug policy is definitely a draw.

David Shuster: What his injection into the elections will do is divide an already divided Republican party. This will widen President Obama’s lead over any of the potential Republican candidates.

Cenk: So. Bottom line, the most he can do for the Republican candidates is to make it an interesting election. And the best he will do for the Dems is to further ensure a win for the President.


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