The Politics of Science

“There is significant debate among scientists as to whether or not the actions of mankind are causing global climate change.” Of course this is not an exact quote but variants of the same thing are bandied about daily by politicians. I guess that if you think 10% or less disagreement is significant, then that is a true statement. The numbers vary according to whose study you are examining, but the more proper figure for scientists who believe that the human race is a contributing factor is 90 to 97 percent.

But this sentiment falls in line with the interests of the big energy people, like the brothers Koch, who fund these politicians. And you may well say “There is a reason to vote Democratic” but when is the last time you heard the President say anything about climate change? In fact, at the last Global Summit on Climate Change, the U.S. had the opportunity to push for the Kyoto agreement to be implemented as soon as possible. Instead, they agreed to put off even the discussion of implementation until 2015.

I watched the video of the next statement, so I can quote it directly: “It’s a fact that life begins at conception.” That is a statement by presidential candidate Sen. Rick Santorum regarding the person-hood amendments, which would outlaw even contraception, being pushed in state elections across the nation.

I must say that if you go by the exact wording of the statement, it can be classified as truth…If you consider the word “life” to include plants and amoebas that is; which, of course, it does. If you consider the concept of consciousness in that statement it is patently false.

Any scientist, or person on the street, will tell you that consciousness requires at the least a nervous system and a brain. This is true regardless of whether or not you believe in the concept of a “soul.” In fact, on the National Right to Life’s own website, the timeline of fetal advancement says that brainwave can be registered by an EEG at 6 weeks.

Although that is not strictly true, it is close. The formation of the brain into the 5 sections which enable the brain to function begins at about the 6 week mark and takes up to the 8 or 9 week mark to be completed.

Of course the NRL would never use what they say on their own web site to oppose the person-hood amendments. It is in their interests to remain quiet on that front.

What is my point on this? I will say that, as a pagan, climate change is important to me. Being in an Earth-based religion will do that. And my concern for the future of the human race backs that up. But on the second point, it has nothing to do with my religion; abortion is as hotly debated in the Pagan/Wiccan/New Age communities as it is anywhere else in the U.S.

My point is that they are ignoring science. They reduce it to a debatable point when, in actuality, the truth is less in question than their statements. In fact I believe that religion should be removed from government. Religion is a matter of faith, including mine I must admit, and should have nothing to do with rational government as Jefferson described.

A final interesting point: The television show Terra Nova, on the Fox Network, is based on the concept that humans destroyed the Earth’s environment to a point that, in the near future, it is virtually uninhabitable; forcing people to exploit a rip in the time-space continuum to escape to a version of the Earth’s ancient past.

So who is the biggest publicist for politicians and talking heads who are climate change deniers? That would be Fox News. Is it irony, or just money, that drives this dualistic position. I’ll leave that to you to decide, but I’m sure that you know my answer to that.


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