What is your choice?

I always try to be an informed voter. As such, I was researching the people running for the Denver Public School Director positions. I don’t have children, so some would say that I don’t have a dog in this race, but the subject of education is something that has always concerned me.

After some Googling I found an interview on La Voz’ website (www.lavozcolorado.com) by Bertha Velasquez (Bvelasquez@lavozcolorado.com) in which she asked each of the candidates the same two questions: Why are you the At-Large candidate of choice? & How will your qualifications best serve the school board?

I’ve excerpted the first sentences of the answers by 2 of the candidates below, in question order:

Candidate 1
“I am the candidate of choice because I am the only candidate who is talking about reducing the Administration Budget.”
“As a Software Engineer I am used to working on contentious projects with large budgets.”

Candidate 2
“I owe the opportunities and success in my life to my great public education.”
“I have a lifetime of interest and involvement in public education and supporting children and families.”

How would you judge the two candidates by these answers? I believe the answer to this indicates the kind of voter you are but, more than that, it indicates the kind of person you are. Consider it carefully. Think of what your priorities are.

These candidates do not have party affiliations on the mail-in ballot I received. At one time I may have said that one was a Democrat and the other was a Republican (guess which one is which) but I am no longer affiliated with either of the two major parties.

The difference between the two parties has become almost inconsequential. Both seem to have been bought and paid for by rich interests. And both seem to ignore the plight of people in need, not to mention the needs of our Mother Earth.

Those who know me would be able to tell you instantly who I would vote for based on the above. Some would say that I am naïve because of that. But I still believe in good intentions and positivity. And I am sad that so many do not. They would say it is reality and I should live with it. I would say to them that you make your own reality, and if you make it with negativity, you end up with negativity.

To quote Kant: Act in such a way that you treat humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of any other, never merely as a means to an end, but always at the same time as an end

So, what is your choice?


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