The Center of Spirit

Make yourself as comfortable as possible. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and hold it in for a count of two. When you release your breath, let it all out. Do this one more time.

Picture yourself walking on a path through an open field on a twilight evening. The air is chilled but not cold. To your right you notice a fog beginning to roll in; emanating from an unseen body of water on the far side of the field. Think about what created the fog; the chill in the air combines with the water vapor and the warmth of the ground to produce it.

You know that you should be hurrying home, but you stand fascinated by the sight. Soon it rolls over you, and while you can see your hand if you hold it out in your line of sight, you cannot see much beyond it.

With your index finger, trace a figure eight in the fog. See how the fog roils away from it, and then fills it back in? Now close your eyes tightly and imagine yourself writing in the fog. Trace a figure eight again, and open your eyes. Much to your amazement, the figure eight is still there, glowing with soft phosphorescence.

Now, below it, trace the figure eight lying on its side; the standard symbol for infinity. It too hangs in the fog glowing softly. Write your name in the fog, and it too will remain in the fog. This process reminds you of something, but the memory is just out of reach. It is as if the memory is not from this life, but a previous one in a more magical time.

Close your eyes and compose a short wish for yourself; one that is for you only and that will not affect others negatively.  Make it no more than a dozen words. Once you have composed it, open your eyes and write it in the fog. Now look at the glowing words. Are they what you wanted to say? You can make corrections if you wish to. Use the tip of your finger to erase what you need to, and re-write in that space.

Now wave your hands in a brushing motion at the words, as if pushing them out into the Universe. The words dissipate and you know, in your heart, that they will carry your intent out with them.

As quickly as the fog rolled in, it rolls away, and you are surprised that it is now morning. You wonder for a second where the time went, but you know intuitively that the human concept of time does not apply here. And so, under the warming morning sun, you stroll on down the path towards home.

Let the path lead you back to your physical body; to this place and this time. Let yourself become aware of your surroundings, and stretch your muscles before opening your eyes and moving.


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