Reclaiming the Water in me

From my forthcoming book “The Elemental Path”:

One of the few things that I miss living in a land-locked, and relatively dry, state is the connection to water.

On a recent business trip to the coast of Florida, I wandered out of my hotel room one night and walked down to the beach adjacent to it. I stood on the beach, under a full moon that turned the sand white in its light, and gazed out at the water. I really don’t know how long I stood there because time stood still for me. I was awestruck by the beauty of it.

Even though I had seen it often when I was young, as Florida was an occasional second home in my childhood, the rhythm of the sea reclaimed me. I felt joy at the beauty of it, wonder at the majesty of it, and sadness at the thought that I would have to leave it once more to return to Colorado.

As the waves gently washed onto the beach, I reclaimed a piece of me that I had occasionally felt was lost. I touched the emotional heart of myself, and I felt the rhythm of the tides of humanity.

The one lone coherent thought that ran through my mind was a question: Was there, somewhere else in the world, on a distant beach, another soul gazing out at the ocean and feeling the same sense of wonder at it all?


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