Positively Magickal

Welcome to my site!

A few words about my goals, aims, and wishes for those viewing:

We are the Positive Forces of the Craft. We are not New Age, but We do not denigrate those who are. We are true Witches. We have Power. We have Strength. But We Choose to Wield it on the Right-Hand Path. We choose to Circle Deosil.

We do not Choose to Live in Fear. We do not Choose to let Anger dominate Us. We will not let Dogma rule us. We are free to Study. And We are free to Learn from whatever sources are available to Us.

Yes the Balance Will Out. But We may Choose which side of that Balance to be Magickally Aligned with. We will not let Our Shielding act as mirrors to direct hate or pain back on to Our attackers. We let it drain off. We Choose not to use Bindings. We Choose not to use the Darker parts of our Arts. And We do not scoff at the term Zen.

We are from many Nations. We are all Races. We are all Sexes and Gender Identities.

If you are a Teacher who Directs people to the Positive, please join Us in the celebration. If you are a Student who Believes in the Positive, please join Us. We Know that is can be done. We Live it on a daily basis.

And We will Learn and Teach that Way. For We are all Teachers and We are all Students. We know that We are constantly Learning. And We know that Everyone has something to Teach us.

Our Way is not always easy. Life is not always easy. Some may Choose to laugh at Us. To tell Us that it cannot be so. But by Our Will and Our Intent We Will Persevere. We Will Stand Strong. And We will share Our Triumphs. And We will Aid those in need by sending out Positive Energy and Healing.

We are few now. But we believe that we can grow to become an Army of Light. An Army of Peace. An Army of Love.

We carry the Deities and the Universe within us.
Brightest Blessings to all!